Truth About HGH: Benefits, Before After Results and Possible Side Effects Revealed

human growth hormone injectionWhen I was a teenager, I had truckloads of energy. I could run and play all day, and do it all over again the next day.

I ate whatever I wanted and whenever, without concern for my weight.

In my twenties, I could party for several consecutive days and only needed a few hours of sleep to get into party-mode the next day.

But now, late in my 30s, I feel like a train ran me over most mornings. It’s not that I’m unfit, it’s just how my body is handling the aging process.

If you’re aged 30-50 years – or even older – and can relate to my predicament, then don’t give up hope.

Here’s why:

Although not yet conclusive, many studies have linked the decline of human growth hormone to early aging.

Growth hormone plays a pivotal role in the anti-aging process, and that’s not all. When you take HGH supplements, some of your lost muscle will be restored, and the fat deposit in your body will reduce.

HGH is responsible for why some Hollywood celebrities look ripped and so much younger. Some celebs openly admit to taking it, while others deny using it.

One of its early adopters was Sylvester Stallone who still looks young and is in great shape despite his age.
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2. What Are Human Growth Hormone Supplements?
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8. #1 Best Natural Hgh Alternative
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What Is Human Growth Hormone?

human growth hormone declineThe hormone that is normally praised for slowing down the aging process is the growth hormone known as HGH (human growth hormone).

For some time now, several research studies have established that HGH is at its highest during our adolescent years.

The secretion of the hormone occurs in brief bursts called pulses. This secretion commonly happens during deep sleep and lends credence to the adage – “we grow while we sleep.”

The interesting thing is that HGH is usually found in the bloodstream for just a few minutes – this is enough time for the liver to absorb it.

But here’s the problem:

HGH reduces with age in every human being that has ever been tested.

Our pituitary gland can produce the growth hormone at full capacity during our teenage years. But as we advance in age, production reduces to about 12-15% every decade leaving us at just 50% production in our middle ages.

What this means is that the decline of HGH is directly linked to the flabby, wrinkly, saggy, draggy reflections that we all start to see in the mirror as we age.

Regulation of HGH is complex and comes under the control of many factors that regulate its release and function that’s why knowing how to increase HGH with natural supplements is key to the success of your HGH journey.

Growth hormone supplements are natural products which boost the production of the growth hormone in our body. They have become quite popular worldwide in the last few years and once all the benefits of using these supplements are considered, it becomes obvious why.

What Are Human Growth Hormone Supplements?

HGH is one hormone that you’ve probably heard of because of its benefits to the human body. It has been a topic of debate in the anti-aging and bodybuilding industries for some time.

It is the primary hormone produced and secreted by the pituitary gland, and production is usually at its peak during our adolescent years.

Growth hormone production is influenced by several factors such as exercise and size. But, no matter how healthy you are, growth hormone will decline at a certain point, and this is perfectly normal.

Stallone using true growth hormone that works

Fortunately, we can increase GH by stimulating the production naturally. The benefits of increased production are:

• It enhances protein synthesis
• It's capable of reducing glucose intake in the liver
• It strengthens the bones as well as your immune system
• It regulates pancreas functioning and has something to do with the maintenance of the balance in our bodies.

What’s more, it seems that there are many additional HGH benefits like how it helps improve vision, concentration, and memory.

With increased growth hormone production, we can do something about the way we look, especially our wrinkles and other symptoms of aging.

You can lose weight quickly with HGH because it will boost your metabolic rate and energy which you can channel toward exercise.

Because of these amazing benefits, a lot of people want to increase the production naturally without any side effects.

With natural HGH supplements, you can get all GH benefits safely. These supplements contain all the essential, natural ingredients needed to increase the production of the hormone naturally.

How HGH Supplements Works

One of the first things that have to be pointed out is that HGH supplements do not contain the human growth hormone. Instead, they contain several natural ingredients that can help boost HGH production in the body.

Two of these ingredients in question are Arginine and L-DOPA.

What this means is that instead of providing your body with the growth hormone itself, these natural ingredients stimulate the production of the hormone and thus make your body naturally produce more of the hormone.

The decrease of growth hormone as we age is directly linked with many of the symptoms of aging. But when HGH increases, it is converted into to a powerful growth-promoting metabolite in the liver called IGF-1 which counters the effects of aging.

Just in case you're wondering, IGF-1 also known as Insulin Growth Factor – 1, is the primary youth-promoting factor of the growth hormone. It is a natural anabolic growth factor molecule and is responsible for some of the positive effects that your body will experience with higher HGH levels.

Here’s what science says about IGF-1:

There is no other hormone known to science with these extensive capabilities and none that can reverse the aging process.

Studies have found that IGF-1 can increase lean body mass, reduce fat, build up bones and muscle tissue and it may even regenerate nerve tissues!

In some studies, IGF-1 has been proven to be ten times more powerful than growth hormone in its anti-aging effects!

One research study carried out by Doctor Keith Kelley revealed that IGF-1 could affect the body in more ways than HGH ever could.

It can revive a shriveled thymus gland, perfect the profile of a diabetic patient’s blood sugar, and stabilize insulin resistance.

Two clinical studies carried out in 1997 discovered that IGF-1 can also reduce the need for insulin in Type I diabetics by up to 45%!

It has also been known to increase the activity of neurons, which may help regenerate nerves damaged from injury or illness; including the spinal cord!
So if you want to turn back the hands of time by a whopping 20 years or more, HGH and IGF-1 are the secrets of the fountain of youth. [1]

14 Robust Benefits of HGH For Men and Women

hgh benefits for women and menHGH benefits for men and women are varied and will depend on personal needs.

If you are looking for the best way to increase growth hormone naturally, then HGH supplements are the answer. As you might already know, there are many benefits of using these supplements.

However, the benefits that people are most interested in are the cosmetic (elimination of wrinkles and other aging signs) and the weight loss benefits.

But there are so many more…

The importance of the health benefits of HGH (a stronger immune system, better vision, and concentration, stronger bones, etc.) should not be overlooked, though, as they can help people lead a much healthier and better life. Check out the below 14 benefits:

1.Increase physical performance

increased physical performanceMany HGH users report increased energy and stamina. This is awesome for sporty types because they can push their limits for longer as a result of the energy boost.

The energy boost can lead to better performance in sports for athletes. Note that growth hormone is a banned substance in many sports because it can enhance performance.

2. Immune System

Unfortunately, growth hormone levels decline with advancing age causing adverse changes in body composition, immune function, and coronary risk factors.

If you take HGH supplements, your immune system will get the help it needs to function correctly. GH will strengthen your immune system and make you less susceptible to suffering from minor and major illnesses.

3. Better Sleep Quality

Some researchers believe that when HGH levels are replenished, users will experience better sleep.


Well, it’s simple really.

Sleep patterns vary in adults and tend to grow more uneasy with age. The older people get, they begin to struggle with insomnia and other sleep-related conditions.

In 2000, a study was published in the journal of The American Medical Association that focused on the relationship between HGH and sleep disorders.

Basically, the study found out what we already know, that as HGH levels decline, so does sleep and restlessness. What this means is that when HGH production is boosted, sleep patterns will become better and users will feel well rested after sleeping. [1]

4. Balances Cholesterol

Recent studies also indicate that growth hormone directly influences cholesterol and triglyceride levels. In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, growth hormone reversed early-stage arteriosclerosis.

As growth hormone is produced, your cardiovascular health will improve because all cardiac parameters will begin to function correctly as your body and organs become more youthful.

5. Increased Energy and Stamina

increase energy and stamina with hgh Increased energy and stamina are one of the first benefits that you’ll probably notice once you start taking growth hormones.

Perhaps HGH has a placebo effect, or maybe you will truly notice the energy boost because of how you will feel.

If you have a serious case of lack of energy and drive, you will definitely recognize the boost.

It could take up to 5 weeks for GH production to increase. In some people, it's happening as early as three weeks, while others go through a slower secretion process. Don’t be dismayed at your pace because we’re all different.

But, once your HGH levels get to its peak levels, you’ll notice the difference.

6. Cardiac and Pulmonary Function

Recent studies suggest that increasing one's human growth hormone levels will help to improve cardiac function. The associated increases in energy and endurance may also lead to improvements in pulmonary functions.

7. Blood Pressure

Maintaining youthful HGH levels can improve your blood pressure. There are some reports online that growth hormones increase blood pressure readings. In fact, I found many complaints that got me worried.

But on closer inspection, I discovered that the products used were not natural HGH supplements, but synthetic products. A natural HGH booster will reduce the high levels of LDL usually found in patients with growth hormone deficiency. This will subsequently help reduce diastolic blood pressure.

8. Build Muscle Mass

hgh for bodybuildingMany health and fitness enthusiasts have discovered the advantage of increasing HGH production. Studies at the University of New Mexico sampled a group of people who were already in good shape.

The results revealed that the group on HGH gained about 3 lbs of muscle while losing 1.5% of their body fat in only six weeks. [2]

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9. Boosts Libido

An improved sexual health has been reported by many GH users.

As we advance in age, our sex drive decreases in leaps and bounds. But when HGH is taken, it will revive your sexual performance just as it works to reinstate your entire bodily functions.

10. Ease Menopause

Using supplements is a wonderful option for women that are menopausal. There are many reports from clinical trials that have indicated that supplementing with HGH is safe and effective in relation to the symptoms commonly associated with menopause.

It’s a natural and safer alternative to ERT (Estrogen Replacement Therapy) and does not comes with any side effects.

11. Enhanced Weight Loss

hgh fat loss cycleHGH has been applauded for its ability to help users lose weight and keep it off.

It works in two ways.

First of all, it speeds up your metabolism which means that your body will work like a fat burning furnace morning and night. Then the energy boost that it provides will enable your workout more and lose more weight.

Plus, growth hormone boosting supplements will also help improve your nails and hair, giving you a younger and more vibrant look. Just imagine how amazing you’ll feel when you lose and also look younger at the same time!

With all the above benefits, you can see why human growth hormone is a major topic in fitness and anti-aging communities. The fact that it's made of natural ingredients is mainly why people recommend HGH. Who wants the nasty side effects of synthetic additives? No one!

Growth hormone supplements will help you improve your health in more ways than one, and most importantly it will work to repair many known and unknown health issues in your body without the need for separate therapies. [3]

12. Healthy Bones

When it helps your body produce HGH, your biological clock will go on a reversal system which means good health, youthfulness, great skin, healthy organs and of cause, healthy bones.

Bone mineral density usually decreases with age. But when HGH is taken, bone density and growth improves. This is why it is used in treating osteoporosis fractures in the elderly.

The benefits of increasing HGH production are getting healthy bones and hormonal balance. These are two good reasons to take HGH supplement. [4]

13. Mood Enhancement

Growth hormone can also be used as a powerful, natural antidepressant.

Higher GH levels increase the neurotransmitter B-endorphin and tend to lower dopamine levels. Some research even suggests that higher levels of the growth hormone can help improve a person’s self-esteem and in the long term, create a more positive outlook.

14. Anti Aging

anti-aging growth hormoneWhen it comes to anti-aging treatments, one of the most effective options out there is human growth hormone therapy.

Healthy aging represents balanced signaling within the endocrine system. That means for every hormone signal there is a balanced response to another hormone signal.

An overly simplistic view states that HGH therapy corrects a measurable deficiency and prevents well known, age-related disturbances such as heart disease, hypertension, liver disease, bone fragility, obesity, diabetes, cancer and excess body fluid retention.

Naturopaths, use the same approach except they replace prescription only hormones with natural phytoestrogens’.

At the heart of the anti-aging hormonal revolution are the recent discoveries that aging, health, and fat loss are more closely interrelated than previously suspected. Hormones are the focus of this revolution.

Taking center stage is human growth hormone, the most potent anti-aging force yet discovered.

Most Common Dangers And Risks You Might Experience

In case you didn’t know, HGH supplements belong to a group of the safest supplements that are currently available on the market.

Most manufacturers will include clear instructions on how to take their products. Knowing how to take your HGH is important because not following the instructions can lead to unpleasant side effects.

Since they contain nothing apart from natural ingredients, they will not cause any side effects which can put your health in danger.

In fact, there are no known severe side effects, which is a reassuring piece of information, especially when the number of people who use HGH supplements has increased over the years.

Remember, most serious side effects occur with the use of exogenous hormones (injected).

When HGH is injected, it is seen as a direct hormonal replacement. In this case, you are not encouraging your pituitary glands to produce the hormone naturally, but are replacing it.

Direct injects are a problem for most people because the body may be unable to handle them.

A body injected with GH will stop production just to ensure that there is a balance in the system.

You see, the body does not need too much HGH, but rather thrives on a balance. This is why natural production is preferable because your body will produce just what it needs and no more.

Several side effects that could occur with injected HGH include:

  • Edema (water retention)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Hypertension
  • Increased blood glucose levels

HGH Results – Before and After Feedback

When it comes to all the questions that are frequently asked about HGH supplements, quantifying GH results is the most difficult one to answer because unfortunately, there isn’t a universal answer.

Since we are all different, it doesn't take the same amount of time for each person to start experiencing the benefits of these supplements and HGH results will vary.

Some people start feeling the difference after only a few weeks, while others need more time. Generally, the benefits should be experienced after three months. Here is some feedback from real HGH users.

“I have been using HGH for approximately 1 year and it has aided in the recovery of a shoulder and knee injury. Now that my shoulder and knee have healed, I can exercise 5 days a week. I notice I have more strength and endurance and I can work out longer. I like what HGH is doing for me, and I don’t want to be without this product.”

-Nick Malone, California

hgh-x2 reviews“My experience with HGH has been nothing short of phenomenal. My whole family uses this product every day and we all feel younger and have triple the energy we had before using it. I am 60 years old and people think I am in my late thirties. I have noticed my mental clarity and capacity has improved greatly, and I feel much sharper. I am committed to lifetime use of HGH.”hgh-x2 review and testimonials

-Kathy Fox, San Francisco, CA

“I have been taking HGH supplements for about one year and I can truthfully say this product will make you different. My wife says I look and act younger, and my sex drive has increased greatly. ”

before after hgh-x2-Len Simmons, Belgium

“HGH has definitely given me back my competitive edge for bodybuilding and weight training. My strength has improved, like when I was in my 20s. My recovery time has been cut in half, I can lift more and my overall body shape is incredibly better. HGH is the perfect complement for bodybuilders.”

-David Ventimiglia, Rome, Italy

Where's The Best Place to Purchase My Supply?

If you are interested in getting growth hormone supplements, know right now that you will be bombarded with many different products once you start your search. You could even end up being overwhelmed with the amount of information and choices online.

Many sources are offering HGH for sale online, but you have to follow certain key tips to buy from a reliable retailer.

First of all, you must have a preference.

The best way to do this is to check out some reliable HGH reviews and find out what users have to say and not what product manufacturers claim on their websites.

Online reviews and feedback will provide important information about the side effects, price, popularity, effectiveness, and other crucial information not available on the manufacturer’s website.

But the manufacturer’s website will also be useful in getting first-hand information about ingredients and dosage information.

After your research, it will be easier to narrow down your search to only a few HGH supplements.

HGH-X2 is a popular product by Crazy Bulk. This is truly an HGH supplement with a difference and my number one recommendation if you're researching HGH for sale hgh supplement hgh-x2

Why HGH-X2 is One of The Best Legal HGH Alternatives

HGH-X2 is a natural supplement that will help boost human growth hormone production in the body.

As you already know, many bodybuilders and athletes are taking HGH supplements to enhance their performance. But the question is, are they taking legal HGH alternatives?

For example, a legal alternative like X2 is a powerful HGH releaser that's safe and helps increase strength and lean muscle mass. It doesn't contain real hormone.

Here’s the deal:

HGH-X2 contains natural ingredients that will stimulate your pituitary gland to produce more GH. These ingredients will provide the foundation for the development of peptides, such as HGH.

There are 4 active components of HGH-X2:

  • Maca – Boost HGH production in the body.
  • Mucuna pruriens – Boost the levels of testosterone in the body.
  • Hawthorn berry – Helps increase blood flow.
  • L-Arginine – An amino acid for growth hormone production.

HGH-X2 is a fantastic choice and contains safe ingredients that have been clinically proven to work. You will find it beneficial not only for encouraging muscle growth but also for cutting.

The Top 7 Questions About Human Growth Hormone Answered

human growth hormone faqThe answers to frequently asked questions about growth hormone is certainly a good start for everybody that does not know anything about these supplements.

What's more,  it's definitely the best place for those who want to find more information on HGH supplements all in one place.

FAQ #1: Can growth hormone increase my muscle mass?

Yes, it can.

HGH has been clinically proven to help increase muscle growth in people of all ages. But, you should bear in mind that it isn't a miracle cure for laziness – you will need to do the work.

Combine HGH supplements with a balanced diet and bodybuilding exercise to achieve a ripped look.

FAQ #2: Can HGH supplements be used with other medications?

Generally, they can be used with other medications because there are no known interactions of HGH supplements with other drugs or even supplements.

As they are natural, they should not interfere with any kind of medication that you might be taking. However, if you are not sure and if you want to be on the safe side, the best course of action is to talk to your doctor.

FAQ #3: What’s the right dose of HGH?

The dosage you take will depend on your goals. Try the below recommendation and amend it as overtime:

Men – 4IU-8IU
Women – 2IU-3IU

Men – 2IU-4IU
Women – 1IU-2IU

Men – 1IU-2IU
Women – 0.5IU-1IU

FAQ #4: What is the best dosage for bodybuilders?

To reap the benefits of HGH for bodybuilding, you'll need to take the right dosage.

Your average dose should range between 4iu to 8iu daily.

Start with a reduced dose of about 2iu and work your way up. Cycle your HGH supplementation by taking a month off every 3-6 months.

FAQ #5: How long do I have to take HGH?

You can take HGH as long as you want to look and feel younger.

All studies done by researchers show no long-term side effects from the use of HGH. Try a truly natural product like HGH-X2 and you can be assured of no long-term side effects.

FAQ #6: Is HGH legal?

Natural supplements are legal because they are made only of natural ingredients.

Legal HGH alternatives can be purchased online and will help to boost your body’s natural production of HGH naturally.

FAQ #7: Will HGH make me grow taller?

The honest truth is that there is no magical growth hormone pill, powder or spray, that will increase your height. Unless you are a child with a growth hormone deficiency.

NADA! Nothing! Does not exists!

Sure, the web has hundreds of sites that promise incredible results if you just buy their special magnificent product. Every single one of these sites is a fraudulent scam. A lot of these are just the same group of con artists selling the same exact product under several different names.

They don’t even try to sell you a decent product while stealing your money. Most of the products that they push would not do much to stimulate HGH.

There is no scientific evidence that any known secretagogue supplement will cause an increase in height.

It won’t work for:

  • young children
  • teenagers
  • guys in their 20’s.

Human growth hormone is still undergoing several research studies to prove that it is truly beneficial and with little adverse side effects.

There is no doubt about its effectiveness for certain health conditions, but as there are many contrasting studies available, it will have to run through a gamut of tests before it becomes a mainstay in medicine.

The Bottom Line (And a Gift for You)

If you are concerned about taking HGH supplements, then you should consult with your doctor first. Even if you don’t have any concerns, it is advisable to speak to your physician before starting any new medication – natural or not.

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