10 Ways To Increase Testosterone Level Naturally

increase testosterone level naturallyA decline in testosterone levels is common with men as they age.

Testosterone levels among men decreases throughout by approximately 1 percent annually after the age of 30. This is why old men have lower levels of testosterone in their body when compared with young adults.

The only way to determine the levels of testosterone is through a blood test. If the testosterone appears to be lower than the desired level then it becomes a problem.

Usually there are certain symptoms associated with testosterone deficiency, however, there are some cases where the symptoms do not exist because such men have a lower testosterone naturally, and they do not require any treatment. Other cases, where there are visible symptoms of testosterone deficiency, can be treated by maintaining healthy lifestyles and administering proper medication for possible side effects or for some medical condition.

The common symptoms for testosterone deficiency range from changes in sleep pattern to changes in sexual drive.

These symptoms, however, can also be caused by other factors like depression, alcohol abuse and thyroid problems. Therefore, the causes of the above problems need to determined first and then the appropriate treatment needs to be administered.

There are some methods which can increase the testosterone levels naturally. These methods are related to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Listed below are 10 natural ways to increase testosterone in your body.

1. Lifting Weights

In accordance with a study conducted by the Baylor University, the level of testosterone increases in your body after weight training.

The more you exert yourself and the more tough your training is, the more your testosterone levels increase. Therefore, it is very important that your workout should involve exercises like seated rows, squats, and bench presses with heavy weights so that your testosterone level increases.

2. Watch Your Favorite Sports

It is a fact that men who love sports and are fond of watching their favorite team compete are bound to experience the same rush of testosterone, as do the players of their favorite team. This fact is quoted with a reference to the study conducted by University of Utah. This study clearly states that the testosterone level of men, who witness their favorite sports team win, rises by 20%

3. Incorporate Good Fats Into Your Diet

avocadoThe term ‘Good fats’ is used for substances like omega 3 and monounsaturated food types which are normally found in foods like:

  • Oily fish
  • Avocados
  • Peanuts

These good fats assist your body in storing protein. This helps in maintaining high testosterone levels, according to a study published in the Journal of Physiology.

4. Add More Eggs In Your Diet

One of the components which your body requires to build testosterone is HDL, also known as good Cholesterol and it is found abundantly in eggs.

Eggs are rich in protein and contain a large quantity of Zinc as well. This enhances the production of testosterone.

5. Refrain From Working Out Excessively

When you exercise excessively a hormone known as cortisol is produced in your body which leads to muscle break down and it works against testosterone.

According to a research conducted by University of California excessive training leads to a decrease in testosterone by around 40%, therefore, you must make some room for rest as well.

6. Get The Right Amount of Sleep

increase testosterone naturally by sleepingThis is a proven way to increase testosterone naturally.

When you sleep less the level of testosterone in your body goes down by almost 30%. It is therefore, suggested that you at least get 7 hours of sleep in order to enhance your body’ potential to build muscles.

7. Eat a Lot of Cabbage

Vegetables like cabbage contain a photochemical known as indole-3-carbinol or IC3 which helps in increasing the levels of testosterone in the body.

This is a proven fact based on the study conducted at the Rockefeller University Hospital in New York.

Cabbage is crammed with indole-3-carbinol (IC3), a phytochemical that increases testosterone. This study discovered that when people consume IC3 they experience reduced estrogen levels by almost 50%.

8. Curtail Your Drinking Habit

Whenever you consume alcohol, your testosterone levels fall significantly for almost 24 hours. Alcohol also leads to production of cortisol and it can also lower growth hormone levels.

9. Add More Seeds In Your Diet

Although it may not be a delight for your taste buds but foods like seeds are rich in zinc and vitamin E.

These substances are also full of monounsaturated fat and protein, in turn, and have the combined effect of increasing the levels of testosterone in the body.

10. Exposure to Sunlight

This is one of the best natural ways to boost testosterone.

Boston State Hospital issued a report stating that a dose of sunlight for as less as 15-20 minutes can raise you testosterone level by a 120%.

This research also pointed out that the testosterone level rises by 200% if the genital area is exposed to sunlight. It's the easiest natural way to increase testosterone levels in your body.

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