5 Benefits of Using Anadrol to Build Muscle


Does health, fitness, and beauty matter to you? Do you take the time to make sure you look and feel your best?

Thankfully, technology and fitness go hand-in-hand. Today, you can find formulas designed to enhance your body in various ways. Your body is made up of a number of hormones, which are enhanced by these formulas.

The fitness supplement industry is ever-growing, and for good reason – people want to look and feel good.

For instance, Anadrol is formulated to boost your steroid levels, giving you max body building results. Let’s review what it is and how to use it.

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What is Anadrol?

What attracts people to this formula is the fact it comes in pill form. There are no injections to endure and the side effects are less serious. Folks who take this drug show as much as a 30 lbs increase within 30 days.

Much of this weight is due to water retention, so you’ll need to control your diet to ease this.

Those who are looking to increase their muscle tone and body strength should consider using this formula. Do note that this drug is estrogenic, so it’s recommended that anti-estrogen medications be taken with it.

Originally, Anadrol, or Oxymetholone, was created to treat people with anemia, since it boosts red blood cells. But it’s also known to increase your appetite (hence the weight gain). So if you find it difficult to gain weight due to poor appetite, this could be your solution.

anadrole legal steroid fo saleWhen Should You Use a Steroid to Increase Your Body Weight?

Athletes, bodybuilders and workout enthusiasts can take this drug to enhance their performance quickly. Most like to use it during their off-season.

It’s considered a secondary steroid, so it’s great for speeding up your gains. Slower-acting steroids are oftentimes used with it (stacking) as well. You should avoid using this product alone since the effects are known to last.

As a rule of thumb, you can combine trenbolone, testosterone or nandrolone with it. These will help balance it out.

Some people like to take Anadrols when they hit a plateau in their fitness journey. You can take them to help push you past your limits and toward your goals. You want to avoid using it if you’re already mid-cycle and have used Anadrol in your initial stage.

This drug is known for its hepatic elements, which can overtax your liver. Be mindful of your intake of this drug. You can use tools to help organize how much to use per cycle.

For the best performance, you should use this drug in your final stage (the cutting cycle). This method works better for some and not others. Bodybuilders especially benefit from using it during their cutting cycle.

Beginners have to be more careful. Watch how the drug reacts with your body.

It’s important to be physically fit before starting it. Ideally, your body fat should be less than six percent. Plus, you need to be able to control your body water retention.

Don’t overlook these rules. Those who do may see a reversal in their hard earned results.

What Are the Benefits of Anadrol?

There are several benefits associated with this drug. It’s the reason it’s grown in popularity over the years. Here is a quick list of the top five benefits it offers:

  1. You can see great results within your first week
  2. It can help you gain 20-30 lbs in your first cycle
  3. It increases your red blood cells (important for building muscles)
  4. Reduces joint pain while exercising
  5. It boosts your appetite (making it easier to gain weight)

Before beginning your cycle, make sure to get a good post cycle therapy (PCT) and liver protector.

Determining the Proper Dosage

What are your body fitness goals? It’s necessary to review this before considering Anadrols. Knowing your goals will help determine how much you need to take to achieve them. Needless to say, your safety should always be at the forefront.

Online, you’ll find various experts spewing different opinions about the proper dosage of Anadrol. Most people begin with 50mg per day. But if you’re a true beginner (never used steroids and new to bodybuilding), then it’s best to start with 25mg.

Most pills come in 50mg size, so you’ll have to chop it in half. The purpose is to allow your body to adjust to the drug before upping the dose. If you don’t notice any side effects within the first few days, then increase it to 50mg.

If you do notice symptoms, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, then lower the dose. Your weight gain will be slower, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Just continue improving your diet and training to make up for it.

The advanced Anadrol user can use 50mg per day and see great results in as little as three to four weeks. Beginners that can handle this amount will also see hasty results.

You’ll find a select few who use 75mg to 100mg daily, but the risk is much higher in these cases. Taking over 100mg daily isn’t recommended. When you consume too much, it can decrease your appetite.

What Side Effects Are There?

Most side effects associated with Anadrol are due to taking high dosages. This is why you need to stick to a dosage that’s right for your body. It’s important to cut back your dosage and seek medical attention if you notice any of the following:

  • Raised high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Acne problems (can be treated using creams for acne)
  • Virilization (sometimes witnessed with long-term use by women)
  • Decreased appetite when taken in high doses
  • Male pattern baldness in men when taken in high doses (more likely if there's a family history of this)
  • Gastrointestinal problems when taken in high doses
  • Natural production of testosterone is inhibited (why PCT is necessary)
  • Possible cause of gynecomastia due to estrogenic side effects (not proven)

Let’s review how you can avoid these side effects.

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What Is Anadrol? - Cycle, Dosage And EffectsDesigning a Steroid Dosage Cycle

The 25-50mg daily is the recommended dose. Fifty milligrams is known to help folks gain 20 lbs their first month. You should take the pill daily, six days per week.

If you’re preparing for a bodybuilding contest or need to cut your cycle, 25mg should be taken. This dose also helps ease water retention.

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t take Anadrol for more than eight weeks. The top results witnessed were over a six-week period, taking the same dose daily. In most cases, the first four weeks yields ideal results.

With that said, you should consider setting your cycles at four to six weeks, depending on your own results. Never go beyond eight weeks in a single cycle.

There are muscle gain calorie calculators you can use to help ensure the best gains possible.

Is a PCT Really Necessary?

Post cycle therapies are recommended to help you ease off your cycles. Anadrol is a very powerful synthetic hormone that’s designed to suppress your own testosterone production. With PCT, you’re able to signal your body to begin producing testosterone.

What are some of the therapies you can use? Some opt to include Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) and Clomiphene (Clomid) inside of their cycles. These are SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators).

Another option is to use HCGs (human chorionic gonadotropin). It’s best to start your PC a few days following your last dose if you’re using short-term drugs.

Since Anadrol is a long-acting drug, it’s better to wait two weeks. Your therapy should last between four and six weeks.

The purpose of PCT programs is to prevent losing the gains you made while on the drug. Otherwise, your body would crash at the end of the cycle and reverse its effects.

There are some bodybuilders who choose to push through the crash. They feel their body will react the lack of testosterone and overcompensate. The old school bodybuilders refer to this as rebound aggression.

Some feel this is a great way to pack on additional gains. If you choose this route, prepare for some aches and pains. It’s a slow recuperation process, so be ready for that as well.

After the overproduced natural testosterone wears off, some choose to begin their cycle of steroids again.

On the other end, PCT is the recommended way to go for those looking to take extended time off from Anadrol.

Starting Your Journey with Steroids

What’s it going to take for you to achieve your muscle building goals?

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