8 Tips To Build Lean Muscle Fast

Everybody wants to have a perfectly toned body by building lean muscles in the least amount of time possible. This can be done if you follow the right routine.

Here are 8 muscle building tips which will help you achieve your desired physique.

1. Challenge Yourself by Setting Goals

This is the first thing that you should do. Setting goals for yourself will make you work harder towards achieving them. It is a must that first you decide the amount of body fat you intend to lose and make sure to write it down, as it will serve as a reminder for you.

This is important because unless you set a goal and write it down, you will not strive for it as seriously. If you really want to lose the extra fat you must be willing to work hard; otherwise there is no point.

2. Increase The Water Intake

Many people do not fully appreciate the importance of water, especially during a workout. It is estimated that a healthy human being can survive without water, in ideal conditions, for a period of 3 – 5 days. This is because your body uses water for all its processes.

This is especially true when it comes to losing fat and building muscle mass. It has the minor disadvantage of frequent visits to the bathroom but its benefits are much greater in comparison.
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3. Eat Healthy

eat healthy and build lean muscle fastThis is very crucial if you want to burn that extra fat. First off, take small meals after every 3 hours instead of larger, fewer meals. This is because fewer meals speed up your metabolism and enable it to burn fat quickly.

The fact of the matter is that your body doesn’t know when it might get the next serving of food which is why it starts to store fat if it does not get sustenance regularly. If, however, fewer healthier meals are taken, you can build muscles faster.

A healthy meal is low on fat, which energizes the body; it has a high protein content which serves to build muscle and lastly it should have moderate levels of carbohydrates in order to provide fuel for the body.

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4. Cardio 3-4 Times a Week

This is the main step when it comes to burning calories. As you perform cardio exercises your metabolism starts working faster which in turn aids in fat burning.

You should do your cardio exercises, much in the same way as you perform your workout, which implies that you need to push yourself to the last limit. This can produce great results for you.

Your must perform cardio for 20-30 minutes for 3 to 4 days in a week. A normal 30 minute cardio will require you to perform a 5 minute warm up with the next 20mins allotted to a high pace cardio work out. The last 5 minutes should be taken to cool down.

5. Train with Weights

The thing with weight training is that although it does not burn a lot of body fat, it goes a long way in facilitating the process. This happens when your body builds muscle and in order to sustain the muscle tissue, your body ends up burning a higher amount of calories.

The more lean muscles you have the more calories are burnt, even when you are asleep. Training with weights will only serve to strengthen your muscles.

6. Reduce The Amount of Calories Consumed

This is very important when you intend to burn fat and build muscle mass. In order to reduce the amount of calorie intake you must first know the amount of calories you consume and keep track of it.

Listed below are some healthy eating habits which might help you in burning fat quickly:

  • Switch to whole grain food
  • Start eating red, orange, and dark green vegetables
  • Switch to lean protein food groups like poultry, meat, seafood etc.
  • Start using fat free milk or milk which is low fat
  • Avoid sugary drinks
  • Choose food products which have low sodium content
  • Eat food which has less solid fats
  • Increase the amount of sea food you eat

7. Divide Your Cardio Routine

According to research it is better to break your cardio routine into two 15 minute sessions instead of doing one 30 minute session. This is because can burn up more calories in two sessions; it will be easier for you to apply more energy in shorter sessions of cardio as compare to longer sessions.

8. Constantly Increase The Weights

The thing to remember here is that lean muscles aid fat burn.

In other words the more muscle you have the more fat you can burn.

It is important that you indulge in intense weight training for noticeable results. This means that you should train with heavier weights for short periods of time as this will bring about the most impact.

However, whatever you do, don't do any cardio before doing weight training.

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