LeanBean Review: Is It Really The Best Female Fat Burner or Is It a SCAM?

leanbean review 2023If you're looking for a new class of supplements now on the market called female fat burners, then you'll LOVE this Leanbean review.

These weight loss products have become very popular in the last few years and don't seem to be waning in popularity.

It’s become crystal clear that they’re here to stay!

Although the science behind female fat burners is being updated constantly, the success behind these supplements comes down to one fact.

Male and female anatomies are different in every sense of the word!

But there's more:

Our body weights and fat percentage are distributed differently. Our hormonal levels act differently, and more recently, studies have revealed that under stress, women crave sugars more![1]

That's why female fat burners were created. Products like Leanbean focus on women and target weight loss where it matters.

Lean Bean claims to provide women with 3 benefits in a single fat burning pill.

In this Leanbean review, I'll deep dive into the claims made by the manufacturers, ingredients, side effects and so much more.

Leanbean Female Fat Burner RatingWhat Is Leanbean Fat Burner and How Does It Work?

Leanbean is a female fat burning supplement that makes some huge claims. The manufacturers say that the product can help women “burn fat like professional fitness models”.

As we have seen many weight loss products come and go, the question on everyone's mind is whether it works or not.

If I'm going to shell out my hard earned $$$ on a weight loss product, I want to make sure I'm getting a quality product that will do the trick.

So I did some research and discovered that Leanbean is made with scientifically proven natural ingredients and is low in stimulants. This was a plus for me as I didn't want any stimulants at all.

The product was loaded with appetite suppressing agents like cayenne pepper and turmeric. These spices are included to help fire up your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine.

Yadda yadda yadda… does it work?


Leanbean may work if you are…

  • Female and looking to burn fat quicker
  • In need of an effective appetite suppressant to speed up fat loss
  • Planning to stay fit, energized and motivated during your cutting cycle
  • In need of a product that contains high quality ingredients
  • Serious about losing weight and understand that there’s no miracle cure – hard work will be required to achieve positive results

I must stress again that Leanbean isn't a “miracle pill”.

If that's what you’re looking for, then I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but Lenbean cannot help you.

Leanbean is formulated to attack fat in 3 different ways:

  1. Suppress appetite
  2. Boost energy
  3. Increase metabolism

Sounds too good to be true? Check out the ingredients in Leanbean.

What Are The Ingredients? The Leanbean's Formula

Leanbean contains several powerful high-grade ingredients and is manufactured with some cutting-edge processes. After looking through the ingredients, it became clear why the supplement comes with a premium price tag.

These ingredients are a fantastic blend that could deliver on the promises made by the manufacturer.

leanbean weight loss formula and dosageGarcinia Cambogia (400mg)

Hydroxycitric acid is an extract from Garcinia Cambogia that gives it the “magic pill” status. It is a popular tropical weight loss ingredient that’s been proven to suppress appetite and block fat production. [2]

In some studies, the results were negative or not conclusive, while in others it was effective in reducing stored fat. [3]

Garcinia Cambogia is famous for having the ability to lower Serotonin. By doing this, it can reduce your appetite and make it easier to lose weight.

Turmeric (200mg)

If you're wondering how turmeric can help you, here's the low down…

Turmeric is one ingredient typically not found in many weight loss supplements, but on its own, it is a powerful herb used for many health-related purposes. [4]

Most importantly though, it can raise your metabolism and make weight loss quicker.

It can be used as a stimulant and is the perfect addition to any supplement that does not include caffeine.

Another great thing about Tumeric is that its key component (Curcumin) is a potent detoxifier and can help block fat tissue from spreading. [5]

Glucomannan (500mg)

You may have already heard about the benefits of Glucomannan. Even though the research is still evolving, it has been scientifically proven to be powerful in reducing cravings and helps produce effective weight loss results.[6][7]

Glucomannan is derived from the root of the konjac plant and can help curb the appetite by absorbing water in the stomach. After that, it’ll expand to form a bulky fiber which will help you feel full for longer.

Green Tea (200mg)

What's there not to love about this ingredient?

Great for suppressing the appetite, with powerful fat burning antioxidants, and low in stimulants. You won’t find any decent fat burner without green tea.

It's a natural ingredient which helps boost endurance levels, reducing body fat percentage.

And that's not all… green tea has also been the topic of some recent research studies involving digestive and cell health.

Cayenne Pepper (60mg)

The capsaicin found in cayenne pepper (Capsicum annum) can help boost your metabolism and burn more fat. Basically, this ingredient works by using thermogenesis to your advantage. It also helps you feel fuller by curbing your cravings and appetite.

Green Coffee (6000mg)

Green coffee is loaded with antioxidants and chlorogenic acid. The antioxidants are very effective in boosting weight loss and can increase energy and stamina.[8]

Piperine (20mg)

Piperine comes from black pepper and is the reason it has a distinct taste. A 2010 study concluded that black pepper could block fat accumulation and obstruct the genes that regulate the creation of new white fat cells. [9]

Chromium Picolinate (120mcg)

This is an ingredient in many weight loss products that can help manage the release of sugar in the blood. It enhances insulin signals and is effective for weight control.

Raspberry Ketones (8mg)

Raspberry ketones are a natural ingredient that can increase lipolysis, cause fat cells to release more of the hormone adiponectin and by so doing regulate metabolism and blood sugar levels.

Acai Berry (800mg)

According to several studies, this superfood is naturally high in essential fatty acids and fiber. These are necessary for the fat burning process as well as great for reducing cravings.

Vitamin B6 (3.72mg) and B12 (6.4mcg)

Did you know that vitamin B has a key role to play during fat and carbohydrate metabolism? It is essential for every woman's diet as it is great for balancing your hormones and getting the body to function normally.

Key Benefits

is leanbean better than instant knockout?There is no doubt that weight loss for women is hard and requires a lot of effort and willpower.

Even if you’re spending one hour at the gym every day or preparing healthy meals yourself, it will get to a point when nothing will work and you'll start looking for other alternatives to give your weight loss attempts a boost.

Unfortunately, many of the weight loss supplements available today don’t do much to burn fat, but Leanbean’s groundbreaking formula will jumpstart your weight loss attempts.

Check out some of its benefits and decide for yourself if LeanBean is the ideal weight loss supplement for you.

Appetite suppressant

It's a powerful natural appetite suppressant.

Since science is saying that women are likely to have cravings more than men, this is one feature that's a MUST for any female weight loss product.

Fat burner

Because of its fat blocking effects, it can inhibit the body from storing fat and will help you burn fat as energy instead.

It offers a thermogenic boost by leveraging the effectiveness of ingredients like Turmeric and Cayenne Pepper. They increase the temperature of your body and keep it elevated for a long time, giving you time to burn more calories.

All natural and no stimulants

With only fewer stimulants, it won’t react badly with birth control pills the way caffeine does. The all natural ingredients offer a boost to your system because you can reap the detox benefits of some of the ingredients.

Energy and stamina

More energy and increased stamina will help you burn more fat both before and after your workout. The fact is that women who work out more will burn more fat.

The blend of Green Tea and Green Coffee will boost your energy and make exercise easier and weight loss faster.

Are There Any Side Effects?

leanbean side effectsThe good news is that Leanbean is 100% natural and made with vegan-friendly ingredients. So there are no reported adverse side effects.

Leanbean stands out from other products because it is made of natural ingredients. Because it is free of stimulants or additives, it's a safe and effective choice for many women.

Stick to the recommended dosage and you won't have a problem.

To ensure it works correctly, don't forget to take it at least 4 times a day. If you don't take it regularly, you may find that it is ineffective. So stay consistent to give your body a better chance of burning fat.

What Leanbean Customers Are Saying in Their Reviews? Before and After Results

Even though LeanBean is essentially a new product, its customers are doing the hyping and publicity for them. You will find many customer reviews with amazing before and after photos on social media.

Rebecca's results after using Leanbean for seven weeks

A lot of women have gotten excellent results after using Leanbean with a regular workout regimen.lean bean review Becca UK

leanbean reviewsleanbean female fat burner reviewleanbean australia testimonial leanbean before and afterleanbean reviewsHere are 2 of my favorite users who struggled to lose weight but discovered that adding LeanBean made all the difference.

Margarita's review after 30 days on Leanbean – Australia

Tyah Sebastian's breaks a weight loss plateau with Leanbean

And here's Bree Kleintop – Model & Professional Surfer’s Leanbean Testimonial

You can see more testimonials at Leanbean's official website here.

How Does Leanbean Compare to Other Weight Loss Supplements?

Instant Knockout vs. Leanbean

If you are looking for a great fat burner for men, then Instant Knockout is a good choice. However, it wasn’t formulated for women. Leanbean is a superior choice because it contains ingredients that were tailored specifically for a woman’s body.

Lean Mode Evlution Nutrition vs. Leanbean

Aside from the fact that Lean Mode offers a stimulant-free blend which makes it more attractive to women, pound for pound, it does not contain the kinds of life-changing ingredients found in Leanbean.

Glucomannan and Cayenne Pepper are revolutionary ingredients that specifically target the female anatomy and are not part of the Lean Mode blend.

Shred Her-NLA for Her vs. Leanbean

This is a tough one.

Both supplements are ideal for women by helping us shed weight and suppressing our appetites. Unfortunately, Leanbean packs too much of a punch than Shred Her.

It suppresses the cravings as well as the appetite and is made of ingredients to help your body detox while losing weight.

Click here to see the list of Top 5 Fat Burners for women on the market.

Where To Buy LeanBean? Can I Buy It In Stores Near Me?

When it comes to buying Leanbean, you can’t simply go down to your local drugstore or GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, Walgreens to get it. You won't find it on Amazon.The supplement can only be purchased online on the manufacturer's website.

What this means is that you'll definitely get the real deal whenever you purchase direct and just in case you see it cheaper anywhere else, my advice is “DO NOT BUY!”

There are some upsides to buying direct.

Here's the kicker:

First, you'll get a better deal by buying extra bottles and you can also cash in on the LeanBean 90-day money back guarantee. There is fast and Free US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand delivery too, so why look elsewhere?

The Bottom Line: Is This The BEST Fat Burner For Women, or Not?


Leanbean female fat burner seems to hit all of my benchmarks for a truly effective weight loss supplement and contains about a dozen key ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work.

To top it off, it does not contain any caffeine anhydrous making it a perfect choice for any woman.

If you are tired of trying useless weight loss supplements that don’t seem to work, Leanbean might be the answer to your weight loss puzzle.

1. It will curb your appetite and help you eat less.
2. It will give you loads of energy so you can put in extra hours at the gym.
3. It can transform your body into a fat burning machine.

What else can women ask for?

With these key weight loss points ticked off, you can lose weight quicker and sustain the loss over a long period.

To buy now, visit the Leanean website and grab “4 bottles for the price of 3” deal + Free Shipping Worldwide.

FAQs – LeanBean Frequently Asked Questions

leanbean faq and couponIf you’ve read this review and still have some questions, then the below FAQ could be helpful. Feel free to leave your comments below and let us know what your experience has been using Leanbean.

Q: Where can I get a coupon code for Lean Bean?

There's none, but the company offers an awesome package deal that will save you money.

Q: How fast does Leanbean work?

LeanBean isn't a magic pill. You will need to put in some extra work to get results quickly. Some women see marked results after about two weeks, while in others it could take longer.

Q: Where can I read more Leanbean reviews?

There are more testimonials and before after photo on the LeanBean website.

Q: Is Leanbean safe to use with other supplements?

Please consult your doctor before taking any supplements. If you are taking other medication, this is a MUST!

Q: Can I cycle Leanbean?

Lot’s of fat burning supplements come with the direction to cycle on and off. This is sound advice and many people will notice that the product becomes more effective after a new cycle begins.

With Leanbean, I’d recommend taking it for a couple of months before stopping for a month and then starting all over again.

Click HERE to visit Leanbean's Official Website

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