Everything You Should Know About Halotestin

halotestinNavigating the world of human growth hormones is allot like sailing through the Pacific.

The current (research) can seemingly change day-by-day. Waves (regulations) can buffer against the stern and bow. And every path (product) to the shoreline seems to have its own set of benefits and risks.

Recently, Halotestin has grown in popularity within the course of a few years.

However, that's not to say everyone knows the benefits they provide if taken properly.

So, want to brush-up on the benefits Halotestin based steroids can provide?

Read on, gang.

Help Fill Your Testosterone Gaps

Hormones do more than just help promote muscle mass. They also help regulate how to feel, think, and fight off certain diseases.

Having lower than normal testosterone levels for women can actually increase their risk of getting breast cancer. Lower testosterone levels have been known to experience irregular menstrual cycles and issues around fertility in women as well.

Luckily, all of these symptoms and risks can be completely resolved by supplementing testosterone.

For men, having a lower than normal testosterone level can have equally detrimental effects. Men can actually develop large breasts when hormone levels are out of balance. Men can also develop erectile dysfunction and increase their risks for certain cancers, as well.

Thankfully, like as seen in women, testosterone supplementation can prevent many of these problems from happening.

Halotestin is developed around fluoxymesterone, which is very similar to the natural testosterone produced in our bodies.

Halotestin is considered to be an androgen, like other anabolic steroids. Primarily, it works by synthesizing itself within our bodies and acting in the same way naturally produced testosterone would.

Because of this, Halotestin can be used to help regulate levels of testosterone in our bodies.

It's Incredibly Potent

Halotestin is regarded as being one of the best anabolic steroids currently available.

Halotestin, or “Halo” as it's also known by, has an anabolic and androgenic rating of around 1,200.

To put that number into prospective, any anabolic steroid that scores above 100 is considered to be excellent.

So Halo is truly out of this world.

Hemoglobin Production

Hemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen to our red blood cells.

Having a healthy level of hemoglobin will help increase your stamina and bulking abilities. Hemoglobin rich blood entering in and out of your muscles will help you increase rep counts, as well.

Not only that, but hemoglobin is crucial when working doing cardio too. With each breath, your body will be more efficient in transporting oxygen to your tissues.

Haloestin has been known to increase hemoglobin production. And by allot.

People who regularly take Halotestin report of feeling almost superhuman, sometimes.

This is a feeling of increased strength and stamina is directly related to hemoglobin production.

Everything In Moderation, Mind You

Just like the best things in life, there's a certain window of use where you'll see benefits.

Then there are people who want smash that same window and jump through it, regardless of what science or others say.

News flash:

The latter group of people will get hurt in the process.

Generally speaking, Halotestin can be taken between one to four times per day.

Depending on your goals, body composition, etc., the exact amount and frequency will vary.

Regardless, any single dosing over 40 milligrams is considered over-kill. And not to mention dangerous.

Ingesting too much of this potent androgen at once can wreak havoc on your body. Especially your liver.

But, if taken cautiously and knowledgeably, you can get all the benefits without risking your health.

Spread-out Your Dosing

Initially, two doses of 13 milligrams per day are recommended to being with. One in the morning, one during the evening.

(Try to schedule at least one dosing 30 minutes to an hour before your workout. You can even try splitting that dose two ways, taking Halotestin before and after an intense gym session.)

After trying that schedule out about 5 weeks, you may step-up to three doses per day. One in the morning, one sometime in the afternoon, and one in the evening.(Also, be sure you're taking each dose on a full stomach. Preferably after a meal rich in complex carbs and clean proteins.)

(Also, be sure you're taking each dose on a full stomach. Preferably after a meal rich in complex carbs and clean proteins.)

Also, opting for a more gradual increase in your dosing schedule will lessen your chances of acquiring stretch marks.

Bodybuilders, especially, have noticed stretch marks popping up out of nowhere from aggressive regimens.

Moral of the story:

Start out small and go from there.

Quality Over Quantity

Like any good supplement group, gimmicks and falsehoods around androgens run rampant.

Organic this, GMO-free that. Let's not even get started on the gluten argument.

Thankfully, we're in the digital age. And, mostly, everyone has access to a Google search bar.

The primary testosterone derivative in any Haloestin should be fluoxymesterone. If it's not, step away.

Be wary of any labeling that suggests you should be taking more than 40 milligrams of Haloestin per dose. If they are, they're likely filing their capsules with fillers.

Research, look at reviews and buy with confidence. Don't just throw money to some guy on Craiglist.

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The Side-Effects

We've already said that Haloestin is incredibly potent. And, in fact, it's the single strongest androgen on the market today.

Haloestin will give you gains that are, truly, out of this world.

But, like with any human growth hormone, the dangerous of overdosing are quite real. And downright life-threatening.

Liver failure has been observed in individuals who abuse it. Kidney damage, too, has been reported.

Not to mention that episodes of high aggression and suicide are widely known to occur while taking Haloestin.

Overdosing can cause your whole body to quickly degrade.

Like we've said before, you should start out with small twice daily doses for the first 4 to 6 weeks is crucial.

This will give your body time to adjust to the androgen and help you avoid any possible side effects in the future.

After that period, you can consider increasing your dosing schedule.

However, you'll likely see there's no need to.

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