How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction & Get Rock-Hard Erection

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most depressing disorders in men affecting every aspect of their social and emotional life.

Not only does it  affect relationships, it also destroys self-confidence. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction tend to be depressed  and even show suicidal tendencies in extreme circumstances.

The problem is largely common in men above the age of 40. Studies show that nearly 50% of men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction at some to cure erectile dysfunction naturally

But, because of the tiring lifestyle of the modern age even men below 40 are falling victim to this disorder. Lack of sleep, unbalanced diet and stressful schedules are said to be some of its main causes.

The good news is that cure is available… at least till a certain age… with some effort on your part.

1. Go to the Doctor

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, muster some courage and straightaway go to the doctor. Some men with this condition suffer in silence for months, even years without ever visiting a doctor because of shame. Remember you’re not doing yourself any favor by not consulting a doctor.

You should know that the condition is common, and perfectly normal with age.

There are plenty of reasons why you might not be able to get an erection. It might have to do with your cardiovascular health, blood pressure, blood sugar level, cholesterol and so on. Diabetes and heart problems are two of the most serious conditions that result in ED as they damage the arteries. Getting treatment for these medical conditions should help you overcome ED.

2. Regular Exercise

Exercise is one thing that has been ignored by the modern society because of the hectic schedules. In general, there is a population that goes to the gym and then there are those who don’t even bother taking a walk. And the ones to suffer from all kinds of health problems including ED are obviously, the latter.

Regular exercise doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym six days a week and start yourself on the body building regime. Simple exercises like walking, running, swimming, cycling, everything counts. The Harvard University conducted a study which suggested that a simple walk of 30 minutes each day can lower the chances of ED by 41%.

Exercise increases  blood circulation, which makes every part of the body healthy, including the penis. Make a routine and stick to it. Working out at least half an hour each day should help you overcome ED to a great extent.

3. Maintain Your Weight

The  larger the belly the higher the chances of suffering from ED! Obesity makes you lazy and lack of activity affects  blood circulation. This can gradually lead to ED.

So, make an effort to maintain your weight and slim down, it will automatically improve your sexual performance.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend  countless hours  in the gym.

Simply controlling your food habits can work wonders. Just avoid the processed foods and the foods that are prepared with refined flour and sugar. Yes, you guessed it right,  avoid potato chips chocolate bars. Instead, opt for healthier diet that consists of lots of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, grains and healthy fats. Instead of munching on a chocolate bar, chew on some carrots or apples.

4. Quit Smoking

Making a lifestyle change is never easy, and it only gets harder if it’s something you have got accustomed to over the years. One such example is smoking.

Smoking is an addiction most people are unable to part with,  the benefits of quitting smoking notwithstanding. But, one huge motivation for quitting  smoking is that it causes ED.  If you’re having trouble maintaining a rock hard erection, then it’s time to quit smoking, or cut it down drastically  if you’re not able to quit right away.

Smoking disrupts the blood circulatory system, and there are plenty of diseases caused due to smoking that lead to ED. Take one step at a time on your road to quitting smoking. You should be able to feel the difference even just by cutting it down.

5. Cut Down on Alcohol

While red wine is considered to be full of stimulants that assist in maintaining erection alcohol, overall, is bad for your manhood. After a few drinks, it starts getting harder to stay rock-hard. It’s a pretty common phenomenon, and you don’t even need to have ED for this to happen. So, drink moderately and stay hard.

6. Exercise Your Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor exercises are not just for those with prostate and bladder issues. They are of great help for those suffering from ED too. These  exercises help  maintain erection as a certain vein that lets the blood out of the penis is pressed until the erection is over.

While making other life changes, as mentioned above, will certainly prove beneficial to beat erectile dysfunction, it has been found that men who practice pelvic floor exercises experience better and faster results.

There are varieties of pelvic floor exercises that you can do. You can look for the guidelines and tips on how to perform these exercises on the internet. Make sure you do kegels, similar exercises, at least once a day regularly.

Keep in mind: While making lifestyle changes can definitely help you beat erectile dysfunction, it’s not enough. There are plenty of other factors in your life that you need to look into. You must understand that it’s just as much mental as it’s physical. So, taking into account your mental condition and fighting to attain a sort of peacefulness should help you a great deal. 

Here we offer you some more tips to help you cure ED.

#1 Overcoming Stress

causes of erectile dysfunctionStress is one of the biggest causes of ED. You will definitely feel the difference if you can find a way to get rid of the stresses in your life.

Modern day lifestyle is hectic with all the late night works, early meetings and what not. This can hamper your sleep, which is again one of the major reasons for stress. Theoretically, it sounds simple, but practicing it for real can be a lot harder. Still, you can try the following: what you can do to get rid of stress is

  • Make more time for yourself. No matter how packed your schedule is, there must be something you can give up.
  • If you want to sleep well, you need to keep aside your mobile phones and laptop at least an hour before tucking in. You’ll get much better sleep, vital to de-stressing.
  • Staying indoor is not healthy at all. Make a habit of getting some fresh air by spending time in the open as much as you can.

#2 Mindfulness

The best sexual experiences are the ones where you are able to completely live in the moment. But, if you are taking pressure instead, then everything is bound to go wrong.

You need to clear your mind and be completely in the moment. Only when you are focused both physically and mentally can you be in the moment for your best performance. And by focus I don’t mean the focus on the sensation around your male genitalia. Instead, that’s the last thing you want to concentrate on.

Focus on your partner.

Soak in the sensations through all five senses.

If you feel that sex has become a routine, try adding some sound, new textures or scent, for a different experience.

#3 Communication

Performance anxiety, although different from ED, can still hamper your bedroom game. In a nutshell, it effects erection and that’s a serious issue. The fear of being judged by the partner and feeling like you’re unable to satisfy your partner’s sexual needs can cause  a lot of pressure. But, it doesn’t have to be just your to bear. You can  talk to your partner and work out what each of you wants from the other.

Learn More

It never hurts to learn more about anything, especially sex. You might have some deep rooted anxieties or other negative emotions. If you feel that you need to learn more, then don’t hesitate. Learn more about your own body too. The more you understand yourself and sex, the better you will be able to perform. Your comfort level is also a factor in helping you beat ED.

Treatment Therapies

When all else fails, you have no choice but to start on therapies. But make sure you have tried every other way before resorting to this method. It starts with mental balance and physical fitness to begin with.

1. ED Drugs

ED drugs like Sidenafil (Viagra) can even help men stay rock-hard for several hours at a stretch. These pills work by increasing blood flow to the penis and secretion of nitric oxide which is vital to gaining erection.

Keep in mind that ED drugs are not the ultimate solution, and you should rather focus on the underlying problem. Also, it can be dangerous to take them on regular basis because of the side effects. They might even negatively interact with other medicines  you might be taking.


The alternative is injections or suppositories to insert alprostadil into the penis. This should give you an erection within 10-15 minutes. This however, is a painful process.

2. Penis Pumps

Much like the enlargers the penis pump is a hollow tube that helps men get erection and places a ring at the base so that the hardness is maintained. The ring is not just an accessory and,  in fact, it stops the blood from flowing out. Make sure you consult your doctor before you try this.

3. Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are also an option if you’re not comfortable with the drugs and gadgets. There is a wide variety  of natural remedies and not one remedy might work for everyone. Remember never to try any natural remedy on your own without consulting a physician as the consequences could be harmful.

L-Arginine supplements deoxyribonucleic acids are some of the natural remedies that have been known to work well (1).

Herbs such as Mucuna pruriens, Withania somnifera, and similar other herbal plants have also been beneficial for men with ED.

Egg oil is also one of the oldest remedies for ED. Omega-3 fatty acids, immunoglobulins and different anti-oxidant properties present in this oil are known to be useful in overcoming ED.

There are plenty of other natural aphrodisiacs you can turn to. Just make sure that you have consulted a physician before applying anything down there. You certainly don’t want to cause any more damage than what has already been done.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction does not cost a fortune. In fact, the remedies can even be free of cost. Decreasing your stress levels and sleeping well does not cost you a penny, and this can be a huge improvement on your sexual performance.

Follow the aforementioned steps and you will definitely feel the improvement. Remember that you must be disciplined and practice these methods on a regular basis.

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