20 Hottest Female Athletes at the IAAF World Championship London

The 2017 London IAAF World Championships are taking the world by storm, mainly due to the competitors' intensity, flaring tempers and of course the beautiful female athletes.

This year's competition has caught the eyes of many, especially in the female athlete's category where the competitors have won themselves countless supporters due to their beauty and model-type appearance while in their kits.

Below is a list of the twenty hottest female athletes at the IAAF World Championship London.

20 Hottest Female Athletes in London IAAF World Championship 2017

1. Ivana Spanovich

hottest female athletes in london 2017The 27-year-old Serbian long jumper has not only the talent but also the beauty. Considered by many as the goddess of indoor sport, she has also managed to create a name for herself in outdoor competition. Due to her outstanding contribution to Serbian athletics, she was awarded the prestigious Serbian Sportswoman of the year title. Follow Ivana on Instagram<<

2. Dafne Schippers

Dafne SchippersCurrently, the holder of the 200 meters Olympic medal, Schippers is no new name when it comes to sprints and heptathlons. At just 25 years, the Dutch athlete has managed to attract a huge following not only in Europe but the rest of the world due to her flawless physique. Additionally, she has managed to defend her 200 meters title at the IAAF Championship with a season`s best of 22.05 seconds. Follow Dafne https://www.instagram.com/dafne_schippers/

3. Jodie Williams

Jodie WilliamsThe 23-year-old British athlete has won consecutive gold medals at the World Youth Championships. Her slim and tall physique compliments her model-like looks which continue to turn the heads of her thousands of supporters. Touted as one of UK`s brightest talents, Williams is expected to develop into a world champion in the next years. Follow Jodie on Instagram

4. Beatrice Chepkoech

Beatrice ChepkoechThe 26-year-old Kenyan long distance runner is a beauty with talent. It is often hard to imagine Chepkoech as a long distance runner due to her looks and tiny physique. She has been recognized among Kenya`s most beautiful sportswomen in over two occasions. She was unfortunate to miss a water jump in the women`s steeple chase final at the IAAF World Championship 2017. Beatrice Chepkoech on Twitter<<<

5. Lindsey Sharp

Lindsey SharpSharp is not only the second name of the 1990 born Scottish athlete but also the perfect description of her sharp looks. The towering blonde athlete has managed to attract enormous European attention mainly due to her looks and ever held back hair. Her slim body compliments her beautiful face which earns her a slot in the top ten hottest female athletes at the IAAF championships. Follow Lindsey on Twitter>>

6. Shaunae Miller-Uibo

Shaunae Miller-UiboThe Bahamian female sprinter is an Olympic 400 meters gold medalist. At only 23 years old she was voted among the top twenty Bahamian sexiest personalities in 2017. The athlete`s dark toned skin and moderately muscled arms have played a significant role in cementing her position among the world`s finest athletes. Follow Shaunae on Twitter & Instagram

7. Courtney Frerichs

Courtney FrerichsFrerichs is a 24 year, middle distance American runner whose specialty is steeplechase events. The skinny athlete boasts of perfectly chiseled abs which compliment her otherwise tiny physique. She won silver at the 2017 London IAAF championship, a feat which sent her twitter follows on a frenzy, lavishing her unending praises. Follow Courtney on Twitter and Instagram

8. Lorraine Ugen

Lorraine UgenThe British long jumper and sprinter has frequently been mentioned among Britain`s elite athletes. At just the age of 25, the sky appears the limit for the thick, hippy athlete whose quads leave supporters yearning for more. Her well-toned physique earns her the number nine spot. Follow Lorraine on Twitter and Instagram

9. Tori Bowie

Tori BowieThe 26-year-old American long jump and sprint athlete is used to carrying the hopes of a nation on her very capable shoulders. Her fans, however, love her dark skin tone, ever neat hair and pretty face. Termed as a natural beauty, Bowie led the American relay team to gold in the 2017 London IAAF championship. Tw and Inst

10. Ajee Wilson

Ajee WilsonAjee Wilson is an American middle distance athlete known for her commitment to track events. She has severally appeared in hair and beauty blogs as she is renowned for her keenness to maintain her overall appearance. She is the current 800m US record holder recording an impressive time of 1:55:61 Follow Ajee on Twitter

11. Tynia Gaither

Tynia GaitherThe 1993 born Bahamian sprint athlete is also a sporting model. Known for her speed and brilliant performance in the 2010 Youth Olympics, Gaither has gone ahead to build a reputation for herself in the design and photography industry. She is tipped to endorse heavyweight sporting brands shortly. Tanya on Instagram

12. Crystal Emmanuel

Crystal EmmanuelThe 25-year-old Canadian female sprinter only recently announced herself to the global stage at the 2016 Olympics as an eliminated semi-finalist. But her looks have given her accolades as Canada`s prettiest athlete. This explains the massive following she has from Canadian men. Crystal's Twitter

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13. Kimberlyn Duncan

Kimberlyn DuncanThe dark skinned American athlete is well known for her curves in addition to her sprinting ability. She defeated Allyson Felix in the American Championship 2013. The athlete has also made several appearances in commercials as well as photo shoots, showcasing her well curved and attractive body. Follow her https://www.instagram.com/kimbeaux__/

14. Salwa Eid- Naser

Salwa Eid- NaserThe reserved Bahraini sprinter is a specialist in 400 meters. As just 19 years old, Nasser has caught the attention of many due to her unquestionable beauty while on the tracks. Her flawless hair also helped her receive uncompromised fan support in the 2015 youth Championship.

15. Phyllis Francis

Phyllis FrancisThe 25-year-old Francis is the reigning 400-metre champion. At 5’11’ she has a skinny physique which has led to many confusing her for a model when off the track. She admitted to being interested in a modeling career before her athletic career kicked off.

16. Allyson Felix

Allyson FelixThe veteran American athlete has received numerous accolades for her participation in athletics. Having won 2 silver medals in two consecutive Olympics as well as being a three-time world champion, Felix has won herself several endorsement deals due to her looks and well-toned physique. Follow Allyson…

17. Jessica Judd

Jessica JuddAt no.18 is 22-year-old Jessica Judd. The towering athlete is already a UK world record holder whose skinny frame and well-toned body give her a model-like appearance. She has been severally touted as the next big thing in England by local fans; a clear indication that they want to see her uniquely-shaped body for years to come. Follow Jessica

18. Emma Coburn

Emma CoburnThe 26-year-old American athlete takes the number nineteen spot. Known for her electrifying speed, Coburn is the steeple chase winner at the IAAF London Championship 2017. Her blonde hair has seen her severally referred to as Barbie doll. Her fans love her appearances both on and off the track, earning her a much-coveted fashion guru reputation. Follow Emma

19. Darya Klishina

Darya KlishinaArguably Russia`s greatest female long jumper, Klishina has a physique envied by most if not all women. She has beautiful face and an entirely chiseled tummy that complements her massive thighs.

Her pretty face has enabled her to attract supporters from all over the world as everyone wants to see her legs make that long jump! Follow Darya on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook

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20. Sally Pearson

Sally PearsonBorn on September 1986, the Australian Athlete is renowned for her powerful stride and enormous thighs. Currently the world champion in 100 meters hurdles, she has won numerous accolades including both the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Further, she was voted among Queensland, Australia`s sexiest personalities in 2016. No wonder she is turning heads at the IAAF World Championship. Follow Sally on Facebook>>

The above are the hottest, prettiest, and most appealing female athletes at the IAAF World Championship London. Even though some are yet to win any medal at the championship; fans all over are thankful for the chance to see their track and field icons do what they do best.

If we missed someone on this list, please let us know in the comments bellow so we can update it!

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