Performix SST Review And Buying Guide

performix sst reviewsChoosing the right fat burner is a tough task, but this Performix SST review is going to make that process a lot easier!

Before we get down to the detail, let me put something to you:

Shedding the unwanted fat is damn difficult!

You agree, right?

Despite exercising hard and watching the diet, the pounds never seem to drop fast enough.

It’s really frustrating.

Well, listen to this!

It turns out that guys and girls using proven fat burners are seeing the excess weight fall away – easily!

 Stubborn belly fat has gone, energy levels have hit a whole new level and they are looking freakin’ awesome!

 They have found the secret key!

This Performix SST review will examine whether this fat burner is a keeper or one best forgotten about.

 You will discover how it works, what it contains and, most importantly, is it effective?

Let’s get down to it!

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What Is Performix SST?

performix resultsHere’s the basics:

Performix SST is a fat burner made by the guys at Performix LLC, based in the US.

This company manufactures numerous supplements for the health and nutrition market.

Get this:

Performix SST is a fat burning product targeted at both men and women.

Its formulation is designed to enable fat to be dropped fast, through the process of thermogenics(more on that soon!).

The guys behind this product claim that it will:

  • Raise energy levels
  • Increase mental focus
  • Shed unwanted fat
  • Increase mood

However, here’s the question:

Does the product have the power to reach these goals?

Soon in this Performix SST review you will find out!

First, let’s check that this fat burner is right for you!

Who Should Use Performix SST?

Fat burners are not for everyone!

Performix SST, and weight loss pills in general, are designed for people who:

  • Have hit a plateau in their weight lossprogramme
  • Need increased energy to hit work, play and the gym hard
  • Are over 18
  • Find dropping the pounds tough
  • Want to look awesome
  • Are watching the diet and keeping active

Sounds like you? Excellent!

However, there are some people for whom this product is not suited.

Who Should Not Use Performix SST?

I want to state one thing clearly in this Performix SST review:

Fat burners are awesome.

But a word of caution:

They are not perfect for everyone!

Here are the guys and girls who should avoid using fat burners:

  • People who can drop fat easily – you don’t need it!
  • Those who are not watching their diet
  • Lazy people – this is not a ‘magic’ pill!

Let me stress something:

The best fat burners are phenomenal supplements that can take weight loss to a whole new level, but only in conjunction with exercise and watching the food intake.

Do that and they will reward you tenfold!

But sit on your ass, take a pill and stuff your face with donuts and you will see no results at all!

performix sst before and afterHow Does Performix SST Work?

It’s simple:

Performix SST is designed to work in 3 ways:

Multi-Phase Release

Using TERRA intelligent dosing, Performix SST claims that its formulation is released into the body steadily throughout the day, with no peaks or troughs.

Thermogenic Fat Burning

The ingredients in this fat burner are designed to raise the internal temperature of the body (thermogenics).

Studies have shown that this leads to an increase in BMR (basal metabolic rate).1

Get ready for this!

With BMR running in overdrive, it needs fuel. To power this supercharged metabolism, it draws energy – from your fat reserves!

Which means:

Your body burns up the pounds, leaving you looking lean, mean and awesome!

Boosts Energy and Increases Mental Focus

The Performix SST formulation claims it can send energy levels stratospheric and provide an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing.

The bottom line:

You have the desire, motivation and energy to exercise, hit the gym and get even more pounds dropped!

What Are the Performix SST Ingredients?

performix sst ingredientsPerformix SST uses a proprietary blend: the ‘Performix Suspension Super Thermo Complex’.

Which means:

Although the ingredients are listed, there is no way to check the quantity, and therefore power, of each!

That’s an issue!

Here’s the formulation:

Caffeine Anhydrous

Scientifically proven to boost energy and increase metabolic rate through thermogenics – thus burning fat! 3


Trials have shown that this ingredient reduces stress and elevates mood – meaning you have the energy and focus to exercise and get the weight dropped! 4

Bitter Orange

A serious thermogenic, proven to increase metabolism and burn fat! 5


A fantastic ingredient!

Not only does this pepper extract work as a fat burner, it also helps to absorb the other ingredients! 6

Other ingredients: synephrine, huperzine, yohimbine, mucunapruriens, niacin, vitamin B12.

Side Effects

performix sst side effectsAs all the ingredients in Performix SST are 100% natural, this fat burner is no going to cause any adverse health issues.

However, in researching for this Performix SST review, I did find a few reports of:

  • Headaches
  • Upset stomachs
  • Interrupted sleep
  • The ‘jitters’

That’s it!

Before and After Results

The proof of any fat burner lies in actual results.

This is what the customer testimonials have reported:

“using it for 3 months, works great, I've lost some fat


“they worked great and I lost 22 POUNDS!!


“I really could not tell that these were beneficial to my weight loss at all.”


they did not work

Jose Barba

It’s a mixed bunch.

Performix SST Review Conclusion

The best fat burners can take the pain and frustration away from losing weight.

Performix SST may deliver some results, but it’s not top of the pile.

The stimulants will increase energy levels and there are some proven fat burning ingredients.

Here’s the issue:

None of the ingredients are quantified so the actual power of this fat burner cannot be adequately judged.

What’s more:

Customer testimonials are split on whether it works. Some people see results, others don’t.

My advice:

Check out my Ultimate Guide to the Best Fat Burners For Women here. These weight loss supplements are the real deal and will drop that fat fast.

Trust me, do this and you will look phenomenal!

Performix SST Review FAQ

“How to Take Performix SST?”

Take 2 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach.

“Does Performix SST Really Work?”

You have seen in this Performix SST review that customer testimonials indicate that for some people it works, others see nothing at all.

The formula does not have the power to be a serious contender as one of the top fat burners on the market.

“Where Can I Buy Performix SST?”

Performix SST is available from the official Performix website, Amazon and GNC.

“How Much Does Performix SST Cost?”

One bottle of Performix SST (60 capsules – 1 month supply) costs $59.99.

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