14 Best Foods To Improve Erection Naturally (No 3 Is My Favorite)

Sex is a pleasurable activity with very simple requirements –  two eager partners and rock hard erection. Unfortunately, getting a rock hard erection has become quite an issue for many in this modern age because of everyday stress, improper sleep, unbalanced diet and so on.

A lot of men suffer from what is commonly known as erectile dysfunction (ED). Since male reproductive organ is directly linked with manhood, you can guess how embarrassing it can be. And, the shame of not being able to satisfy their partners has even driven some men to depression, also affecting every other aspect of their lives.

But, don't worry! Experts have invested a great amount of time and money to find remedies for this serious condition. And, little do most people realise it's mainly about what you eat. You can definitely get back in the game by eating right. Here, we have prepared a list of some foods you need to add to your daily diet to help you improve erection naturally.

No. 14 Food – Onion

onionsOnions are known to thin the blood. The volume of the blood increases when it is thinner. Increase in blood flow also means increase in blood flow down there. So, you will be able to get a strong erection that lasts longer.

No. 13 Food – Garlic

garlicOnions and garlic are practically veggie-brothers, so it is no surprise that garlic also helps increase testosterone levels. Also, since garlic  increases the blood flow in calf by 15%, researchers assume that the rate is going to be higher in humans. Also, garlic lowers the blood pressure, and that too ultimately helps you maintain an erection. (1,2)

No. 12 Food – Bananas

bananasThis one is pretty obvious, but no! It’s not because of the similarity of the looks. Bananas help to maintain blood circulation and keep your heart healthy, which is  a must to stay hard. The potassium obtained from this fruit helps you maintain the sodium levels, thus controlling your blood pressure.

No. 11 Food – Pork

pork chopsPork is a great source of thiamine, also known as vitamin B1, which helps maintain a healthy nervous system. Healthier nervous system means the neurons in your body are well coordinated, thus keeping your junk rock hard. If you don’t eat pork, try beans or whole meal bread, but don’t skip on vitamin B.

No. 10 Food – Coffee

coffeeCoffee is addictive, harmful, bla bla bla…  Well, ignore all this. The caffeine in coffee boosts your metabolism, kicks up your blood pumping rate and also enhances energy. This, in all, helps you maintain an erection that lasts all night. So, people! Drink your coffee.

No. 9 Food – Oysters

oystersMineral zinc and vitamin B6 are two key elements present in oysters, which are extremely important for testosterone. Your buddy downstairs would be a dead meat if not for these elements. But, if for some reasons, you can’t or don’t eat oysters, get your vitamins and mineral from seeds and nuts instead.

No. 8 Food – Chilies

chilieTechnically speaking, erection is simple hydraulics. Stronger erection means more blood is flowing through the little blood vessels in your penis. You know how your face flushes complete red after biting on a chilly, well, that’s because blood vessels in your face are expanding. What’s important is, it's not just the blood vessels in the face that get the kick.

No. 7 Food – Spinach

spinachSpinach is a kind of natural steroids. ‘Eat your spinach’ is something you have probably been hearing since you were a kid. However, you need to know that it does more than just improve your eyesight. This vegetable is full of vitamins and minerals that are vital for increasing your testosterone production. Ecdysterone and nitrates are found abundantly in spinach, which  increase your natural blood testosterone levels.

No. 6 Food- Raw Walnuts

walnutsMost nuts are beneficial for your penis health, but the one that stands above all is raw walnuts.

The high presence of amino acid means that more amount of nitric oxide will be formed inside your body, which increases the testosterone levels. Also, walnuts are dense in L-Arginine.

Nuts  generally lower the blood pressure which is good for your erectile health too.

No. 5 Food – Salmons

grilled salmonSalmons, along with other cold water fish, are rich with omega-3 fatty acids, which help  increase the blood circulation by making it less sticky and thinner.

This then helps to get  longer lasting erection, quickly.

No. 4 Food – Cherries

cherriesCherries help to clean up your arteries because of the component called anthocyanins.

In a nutshell, it means that your blood is not going to stay clogged and is going to reach your penis in time to give you a rock hard erection.

No. 3 Food – Dark Chocolate

dark chocolateRich cocoa is said to be the super-food that has been used by humans since ages. Do not confuse the natural dark cocoa chocolate with the dark colored chocolates found at grocery stores.

The unsweetened dark cocoa is rich in components that help you get a long lasting erection. Increasing the nitric oxide production, decreasing the  blood pressure, increasing blood flow, you name it and the dark unsweetened chocolate can do it all, which is why it’s considered the best food to have before lovemaking.

No. 2 Food – Wine

glass of red wineRed wine is full of antioxidant chemicals which help increase blood flow and production of nitric oxide. So, red wine can actually work like Viagra for you.

And even better, the chemicals in it work on your arteries, while Viagra only works on small blood vessels to give you a hard-on. Just know when to stop as too much of alcohol in your system can make you go limp.

No. 1 Food To Improve Erection – Pomegranates

pomegranateThis is the most amazing fruit to overcome erection problems. It works wonders on your cardiovascular system and testosterone production, and increases nitric oxide production.

The production of nitric oxide and other antioxidants present in the fruit makes pomegranates act like a natural Viagra.

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